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Organizations thrive when there is leadership at every level.

However, most coaching initiatives focus on the c-suite alone and executives can spend less than 10% of their time* passing that coaching knowledge down to their teams. Our corporate coaching initiative, Aligned Leadership, exists to shift that.

Aligned Leadership is a proprietary coaching curriculum that shifts us out of antiquated paradigms of leadership and into a model that has us leading and living from a space of collaboration, values-alignment and impact. Our triple bottom line approach drives greater revenue, a more supportive culture, and stronger retention.

Our work sits at the intersection of:

Leadership Coaching




Unconscious Bias Coaching

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Our Multidisciplinary Approach

We know that the most effective programs are multidisciplinary ones.

Coaching for Leaders 

We have worked with VC-backed companies, Fortune 100 teams, Olympic gold medalists and everyone in between. In addition to business and leadership coaching, our team is trained in DEI, mindfulness, somatic practices and more.

Learning & Development

We provide L&D initiatives for teams to learn and grow in a group environment. We take the most thoughtful approach to group work ensuring a brave space where everyone can grow.

360-Degree Team Coaching

For clients looking to address the system as well as have personal accountability, we offer a 360-degree coaching program to ensure an evolution across teams. We offer a mix of seminars, group coaching, and one-on-one sessions to support individual growth.

Coaching Works

Individuals who have received coaching from me have reported an average return on investment of 9 times their initial investment. One client even saw 95 times ROI on their investment.

Another study by the Manchester Consulting Group found that, in some cases ROI can be as high as 788%.

According to The Institute of Coaching, 70% of individuals who receive coaching benefited from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills.

We know that the most effective programs are multidisciplinary ones.

Our work touches on:

  • Optimizing communication
  • Business coaching that focuses on the people and the P&I at the same time
  • Modern leadership training
  • Examining unconscious bias (because newsflash, we all have some)
  • Creating a culture of shared values
  • Overall well-being


Elizabeth Consentino
VP, Human Resources
Performance Trust Capital Partners 

"Amina’s work at our company has been transformative. Amina quickly and easily understood our needs and provided actionable and manageable solutions. Her ability to meet us where we are (a male dominated culture) and introduce concepts to better our organization has been noticed firm wide. One of the aspects I appreciate most about Amina’s work is the incorporation of science in what she does. While sentiment is changing and becoming more progressive, discussing concepts like psychological safety and emotional well-being at work can be dismissed. Amina can explain the importance of brain function in relation to employee productivity and overall performance. Even for the biggest skeptic, it’s easy to see how her work adds value to the bottom line. As an HR practitioner, I have engaged Amina to work with employees in one-on-one and in group coaching capacities. Her contributions in both arenas have been invaluable at our company."

Natasha Wade
DEI&B Lead

"Amina is like something I've never seen. Her coaching and training acumen is top-notch but more importantly, she provides a safe space to be challenged while also feeling supported and free to create. She Is the best coach we’ve worked with and has mastered the art of growing leaders In a way that allows them to be fully themselves. "

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