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Money Mindset Course

I believe that having the money you want to have and doing the work you want to do is your birthright. There, I said it!

If you’re ready to drop the money struggle and check your bank balance and beam with pride, you've come to the right place. In this 7-module course, you'll overhaul your relationship with money so you can live a freaking amazing life in accordance with your highest expression.

Money can be a big, loaded, triggering deal for a lot of us. Many of us feel that money is:

  • elusive,
  • easy come easy go,
  • Limited. That we have ceilings on how much we can make,
  • Reserved for the select few,
  • and some of us believe it is downright evil.

If you nodded your head or mumbled a little umhhmm to any of these, there’s an opportunity for us to evolve and enhance your money mindset together. In this course, you'll:

  • Get conscious of your beliefs around money and how they've shaped your current reality
  • Overhaul those beliefs to powerful ones that totally shift your money mindset
  • Find and shatter your upper limits that are keeping you boxed in
  • Discover where you are undernourished and might be using money to fill up in the spaces where you feel unfulfilled
  • Identify what you value most and direct your money in that way
  • Create powerful bite-sized action plans to grow your money and save strategically
  • Learn to rewire your brain so you can believe that abundance is available to you every single day
  • Work through worksheets, guided meditations and videos to revolutionize your relationship with money

If you're done with the money struggle and ready to receive money with ease and grace, let's do this together!