Ep 8: Coaching Through Finding your Genius with Elizabeth Juarez

Mar 07, 2023

Hello my friends! For today’s episode, I’m live coaching my client, Elizabeth Juarez. We talk about Elizabeth’s Three Zones, hearing and following her calling, and feeling the shame from our Eh zone. Elizabeth also gets into embodying gifts, being authentic, and showing up in our most exceptional abilities.

Let’s delve in!


In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • [01:39] A bit about Elizabeth.
  • [03:00] Our zones.
  • [03:56] Elizabeth’s exceptional abilities.
  • [08:19] Elizabeth’s excellent abilities.
  • [13:02] Hearing the call.
  • [14:54] Elizabeth’s Eh abilities.
  • [20:03] Embodying our gifts.
  • [25:54] The sequential process.
  • [28:12] How to know when you’re off track.
  • [32:56] Validation of our gifts.
  • [36:54] Trusting my exceptional abilities.



  • “Your genius is your genius.” [07:44]
  • “We think that things have to be hard, and it’s not the truth.” [10:35]
  • “We’ll never change other peoples’ thinking.” [34:29]
  • “So much greatness comes from conversations.” [36:32]


Connect with Elizabeth Juarez:

Instagram: @beyourselfej


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